Checking, validating or calibrating a blood pressure monitor

It is widely offered on the internet. Get your blood pressure monitor calibrated now, so you know it’s measuring accurately. Let’s just mention the most important thing right away. A digital blood pressure monitor cannot be calibrated!

A digital blood pressure monitor can only be checked. The checkup involves verifying that the blood pressure monitor is still measuring correctly. It is recommended by manufacturers that a blood pressure monitor should be checked every 2 years.


Check the blood pressure monitor every 2 years

The manual of each blood pressure monitor states it. Have the blood pressure monitor checked every 2 years. We have a side note to this statement. When a blood pressure monitor should be checked depends on the use of the blood pressure monitor. A blood pressure monitor used daily should be checked at least every 2 years. If a blood pressure monitor is used only a few times a month, it can easily be checked after several years. For physicians, they must review them annually. That’s because a blood pressure monitor in a doctor’s office is used frequently on a daily basis.

Reviewing a blood pressure monitor involves checking whether the blood pressure monitor still meets the standards, the clinical validation, to which it is supposed to conform. For this purpose, the blood pressure monitor is connected to a special device that measures the deviation from the standard. If the blood pressure device deviates too much from this standard, the blood pressure device will be rejected. It no longer measures accurately then.


Calibrating a blood pressure monitor

In the past, a blood pressure monitor had to be calibrated regularly. This was only possible with the analog blood pressure monitors. With today’s digital blood pressure monitors, this is not possible. However, they still talk a lot about calibration. That’s because we still think from the past. The readings of today’s digital blood pressure monitors are basically accurate. Every blood pressure monitor we supply is factory tested for accuracy.


Check after intensive use or after it has been dropped?

If you use a blood pressure monitor intensively or if it has been dropped, you do not always need to have it checked immediately. If the blood pressure monitor is functioning normally, then it is in principle giving accurate readings. Especially if the blood pressure monitor does not display any error messages on the screen. This is because the accuracy of measurement is stored in the computer program of the blood pressure monitor. The software of this program works or does not work at all.


Check the blood pressure monitor at the supplier

Do you have a blood pressure monitor that you would like to have checked? If so, please contact us. We can find out for you if we can have the blood pressure monitor in question checked. We can then send the blood pressure monitor to the relevant supplier for inspection. Please keep in mind that the supplier’s service is not free of charge. The supplier will send you a cost estimate. Of course, you will receive an official inspection report from the supplier.

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